Founder and Managing Director, David Rowat, moved to Portugal 19 years ago. “I have worked self employed in the Real Estate sector for around 15 years throughout Portugal, having successfully sold properties in Porto, Lisbon, the Silver Coast and the Algarve.”

David told The Portugal News: “I started Olive Homes in 2021, specialising in Central and Western Algarve, however, we do network with other agencies if a client requires a property in a different area.”

“We work hard for people and I suppose we really have an A to Z of services. We spend half of our time on the after sales, for example, helping clients with sourcing schools, lawyers, builders and even putting them in touch with furniture suppliers to help them renovate their property.”

“My team are well experienced and all genuine and hard working. It is a family-run company, indeed it feels like a family because most of the people who work for me have families with young children.”

Virtual Reality

Olive Homes was established because David recognised the need to give clients more information, especially online information, such as virtual walkthroughs and floor plans during the pandemic when the company was founded. The Virtual Concept is at the forefront of Olive Homes, setting them apart from other real estate agencies.

David told The Portugal News: “We recognised a need for our virtual concept as we saw that a lot more people were doing research online and they did not want to waste time. At Olive Homes, we give our clients as much information as possible so they can really fully understand the property, such as looking at the floor plans to work out how big the bedrooms are, for example.”

Adding that, “This saves the vendor invaluable time as well because instead of ringing the vendor and asking them to get their house ready for tomorrow and it turning out to be a waste of time, they know that when we bring clients they are qualified and genuinely interested in the property.”

User-Friendly Website

The Olive Homes website is user friendly which makes the process of buying and selling your home a much more enjoyable process. They also have extensive guides that cover everything you need to know when it comes to buying or selling, with David adding that “Almost everything you need is on the website but I am going to tell you everything you need to know and if you forget it, I will still tell you as we go along.”

Olive Homes boasts fantastic reviews, which you can access through the Client Testimonial section on their website where they are completely transparent with honest reviews and really nice photos of the clients behind the reviews.

Current Property Market

When asked about Portugal’s property market, David affirmed that “Olive Homes continues to remain busy and with expectations of further price increases next year, it still remains a good time to buy.”

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“There are more people now who are thinking about selling so there is a slightly better choice for the client. For people who looked and did not find anything before, now is a good time to come back.”

David also shared his hopes to “continue the existing success of Olive Homes and continue to try to innovate whenever possible using the latest technology from the clients' point of view when buying and from the vendors' point of view of selling.”

The Olive Homes Head Office is located at Azeitona Lares - Soc de Med Imob Lda, Edifício Alsakia, lote LHM10, R/C, EP12, Fonte Santa, Quarteira, 8125-020. For more information on how Olive Homes can help you today, please visit Alternatively, you can contact their friendly team at +351 289 103 471 or email


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