The recommendation was approved, by a majority, with the votes in favour of those elected from PSD, PS, PAN, Livre, BE, Aliança, CDS-PP, MPT, PPM, Chega, IL and against from PCP and PEV.

The document recommends “continue efforts to charge tourist tax to cruise passengers at the first operationally possible moment.”

At issue is the fact that the tourist tax (two euros), in force in the city of Lisbon, has been charged since 2016 in all tourist establishments, namely hotels and local accommodation, but not in cruise terminals, although this is provided for in the proposal approved in 2014.

“We understand that the regulations must be complied with and that these funds must not be wasted. Since an arrival fee by sea was defined in 2014 and which, according to the regulations, must be charged per passenger disembarking at the cruise terminals in the municipality of Lisbon, we believe that this must be complied with, which has not been the case”, stated PSD deputy Carlos Reis, during the discussion of the document.

According to the elected social democrat, “it doesn't make sense that this fee is not charged in Lisbon when the same happens in other European cities, namely Venice (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Dubrovnik (Croatia).