Minister for Justice Helen McEntee stated on Friday that one of the three young children who were stabbed on the street outside their school is still in serious condition. However, neither the attacker's nationality nor his reason have been disclosed by the police.

The “Buy Caio Benicio a pint” fundraising page on for immigrant Brazilian motorbike delivery man Caio Benicio has garnered €364,000, in response to anti-immigrant remarks made online and by some violent protestors.

Benicio has described in interviews how he struck the man in his 50s on the head with his motorcycle helmet, rendering him unconscious.

For the purpose of protecting the children from the assailant, a creche worker, another fundraising has received €81,000.

During the nighttime riots that resulted in police cars and buses burning and store windows being damaged, 34 people were arrested by the Gardaí. They have said that the violence was instigated by far-right agitators.