In addition, Amy Huberman, Catherine Bohart, David McSavage, Deirdre O'Kane, Emma Doran, Martin Angolo, Paul Tylak, and Tony Cantwell will be included in the competitive series LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland.

On January 19, the Irish version of the series which has also been recorded in South Africa, Canada, Australia, and other countries around Europe will debut exclusively on Prime Video.

Without even smiling, Norton will supervise ten comic talents who have been assembled to make each other laugh by employing every improbable comedy device available.

As the comedians try not to laugh and outlast their rivals, celebrity appearances will join them.

The first person to accomplish this will be named LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland's winner and will receive a donation of 50,000 euros to their preferred charity.

In Italy, France, and Germany, LOL: Last One Laughing has been the most viewed title ever on Prime Video. Successful local adaptations of the format have also been released in Mexico, Australia, India, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Sweden.

Other local celebrities that host are Rebel Wilson, star of Pitch Perfect, in Australia, and Jay Baruchel in Canada.

Trevor Noah will present LOL: Last One Laughing South Africa, the first South African Original on Prime Video, the streaming service just revealed.