“It is always said, at every election, that this election is decisive. Well, we can say this a thousand times, because this election is entirely decisive for our country. And within this election, in which our democratic, social contract and the future of the environmental contracts are at stake, the vote for Livre is the most decisive of all”, defended the leader of the party.

Tavares defined Livre as “the left of the future, of human rights, of Europe, of ecology” and “the left that is growing”.

“On March 10th, when the votes are counted, and when the left wins these elections, you can be sure that it is through a vote for Livre, that it is through a deputy from Livre that this victory will be achieved. There is no vote more decisive than the vote for Livre”, he assured.

Tavares listed proposals put forward in this campaign, such as "social inheritance", which aims to allow a young person between the ages of 18 and 35 to access an amount that may originate from the taxation of “large inheritances” or through the monetization of savings certificates.