The book was awarded the AnimaPIX Illustrated Album Award and Terry Costa translated it to Portuguese, for the autonomous region of Portugal, the archipelago of Azores.

"We may be far-away lands, different languages, and cultures, but the similarities between the islanders, issues, and insular persistence connects us," expresses the artistic director of the only publishing house in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean dedicated to illustrated books. "I want to continue my research, and learn more about Taiwan, the artists, and books. It is my objective to continue to publish from the Taiwan catalogue, at least one book per year."

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: MiratecArts;

After presenting Yi Wen Huang´s illustrated album on various islands of the Azores, the book had a special presentation with Ambassador Chang of the Economic & Cultural Centre of Taipei in Portugal. This past week, at the world´s largest event dedicated to children´s books, Bologna Children's Book Fair, there was an opportunity with the team of "Taiwan Story Island" to promote the Taiwanese book, now available in the Portuguese language. "Every opportunity to promote this title is a way to reach a new reader, a new person that will discover this island in East Asia," adds Terry Costa. "I have been to 48 countries and special regions in the world, unfortunately, Taiwan has not been one of them, but I hope it will happen soon. I would like to immerse myself in the culture and learn more about the publishing sector of this special administrative region."

Néveda Ent books are available at bookshops throughout the Azores archipelago and via online.