For home use, there is freedom to mix and match colours and textiles, with providing a variety of new throws, coloured bedding, and bedspreads. However, rental properties typically benefit from neutral-coloured bedding, which is practical and versatile. emphasizes the importance of choosing bedding that can be washed at 60°C, ideal for both home and commercial laundry use, ensuring long-lasting durability. Their "Hotel Quality" bedding offers luxury and durability, available in various sizes and materials, such as Cotton Percale (200 & 400 thread count) and Cotton Sateen (300 thread count), all made in Portugal.

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When choosing bedding for a rental property, there are several main considerations to keep in mind:

1. Durability: opt for bedding made from high-quality materials. Look for fabrics that are known for their durability, such as Cotton Percale 200 thread or Cotton Sateen 300 thread.

2. Easy Maintenance: Look for materials that are machine washable at 60 and can resist stains. Avoid delicate fabrics such as Bamboo that require special care to remove stains. Choose duvet covers without flaps, poppers or buttons. Our full rental range has a clever design for duvet closures that is simple and smart.

3. Neutral and Versatile Designs: Select bedding with neutral colours and versatile designs that can appeal to a wide range of guests. White bedding combined with a pop of coloured cushions and throws.

4. Comfort: Prioritize comfort by choosing bedding that has a luxury feel. Provide pillows with varying levels of firmness to accommodate different guest preferences. We have over 20 different styles and sizes.

5. Hypoallergenic Options: Consider offering hypoallergenic bedding to accommodate guests with allergies or sensitivities. Use mattresses protectors to protect your mattress from dust mites and spills and suitable for hot climates.

6. Budget: When choosing bedding for a rental property, balance cost with quality to ensure you are providing comfortable and durable bedding without overspending. Beware of low-cost bedding, it often costs less because the sheet is not as long as it needs to be, or as deep as it needs to be. Shop where you have a choice

7. Warning: Some of the international companies do not sell standard sizes. sells all the standard sizes in the world.

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By considering these factors, you can choose bedding for your rental property that is durable, easy to maintain, and appealing to a wide range of guests. When buying for your home where you wash the bedding less frequently at lower temperatures you have a lot more choice. where we cater for your home & rental property. Come and talk to us.


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