The new Government's approval for the project to demolish these properties has already been given, with completion expected by December this year, including the demolition of 89 homes, plus 50 outbuildings and seven restaurants.

“What was decided was to divide it into two phases. The first phase - demolitions and urban rehabilitation; the second phase - re-profiling and renaturalisation”, said, in statements to Lusa, the president of the Chamber of Esposende, Benjamim Pereira.

The mayor of the municipality in the district of Braga met with the Secretary of State for the Environment and Energy, Emídio Sousa, who had already followed the demolition work on a beach bar in Apulia and visited some of the places at risk due to coastal erosion.

Benjamim Pereira also said that he will have a meeting with the design team to move forward with the project for the implementation of the first phase, which involves the complete demolition of all buildings in Cedovém.

“It would be bad if [by the end of the year] the execution project was not ready. This is going to move very quickly, we cannot wait until the end of the year. I am really afraid that next winter, we will have a very serious problem of buildings being washed away by the sea”, he warned, classifying the advance of the sea on the coast as “truly frightening”.