The event attracted thousands of visitors and filled the streets of Praia do Carvoeiro, bringing music, entertainment, magic, and glamour to the town.

According to Lagoa Council: “This year's edition brought around 40,000 people to the streets of Praia do Carvoeiro, of various generations, coming from various areas of the region, the country, and even Europe. This is an increasingly popular event that has a strong economic impact on the municipality and even the region, as it attracts visitors from various parts of the world, proof of its success and popularity. There are those who plan their holidays a year in advance, just to guarantee their presence at this unmissable event”.

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠“I want to thank all the employees of the municipality, from the most varied areas, who once again made Carvoeiro Black & White a resounding success. Without everyone's dedication, none of this would be possible. I also want to thank all the authorities who collaborate with the Municipality, as well as the thousands of visitors who accepted the invitation to participate in another edition of Carvoeiro Black & White. Thank you all", said Luís Encarnação, President of Lagoa City Council.