According to a statement from the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom), the Sines transmitter will change its frequency around 4.30pm, going from channel 56 to 43.

"From that time on, whoever has the TV without a picture will have to tune it in to return to watching TV normally, as it has always been the case here", informs the regulator.

“In total, in this first phase, which ends on 27 February, 20 transmitters will be changed, which include all those from the Algarve, some from Alentejo and the Sines emitter from the Setúbal district. The process will then continue northwards, with completion expected at the end of June,” recalls Anacom.

The people affected by the change will be left without an image, and Anacom indicates that “when the television screen goes black, it will only be necessary to tune in the television or DTT decoder and everyone will continue to watch television for free, as has been the case so far” , guaranteeing that “it is a simple process”.

On 27 November last year, a pilot test took place at the Odivelas Centro emitter in Lisbon.

Anacom was also “concerned with ensuring that it will not be necessary to replace or reorient the antenna, change the TV or decoder, and no one will have to subscribe to pay television services. In the case of condominiums / buildings that have installations with mono-channel amplifiers, they may have to be replaced”, warns the regulator.

The entity has a free helpline, created for this purpose, (800 102 002), which works every day between 9am and 10pm, to which people can call to clarify doubts and obtain support tuning your television.

If necessary, Anacom will schedule a visit to the person's home to tune in, with its technicians and free of charge, if the telephone support is unable to resolve the situation.

Anacom has forecast that the start of the auction for the allocation of 5G licenses will take place next April and that the conclusion of the allocation procedures will take place between June and August.