A warm and bright weekend in Portugal

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The spring weather continues across the country with a bright and sunny weekend expected across the country before temperatures fall slightly from the start of next week

Lisbon: It will be a warm weekend in the capital with hazy sunshine predicted for both days and temperatures to reach daily highs of 20 degrees and nightly lows of 10 degrees. There will be a chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday and temperatures are to fall slightly to highs of 17 degrees.
The south: The weekend will be bright and sunny with intermittent cloud cover and average daily highs of 20 degrees. There is a chance of rain for the rest of the week, although it will remain feeling warm with average daily highs of 19 degrees and nightly lows of 10 degrees.
The north: Both Saturday and Sunday will be warm in the north with average daily highs of 17 degrees and nightly lows of 8 degrees. As the week progresses the chance of rain will increase slightly while temperatures will fall to highs of 16 degrees and lows of 7 degrees.


I suggest that all those who want to be out in the fresh air look for a job on a building site.

By Leopold from Algarve on 31-03-2020 04:57

Thank you for your weather updates and the picture of the beach (milfontes?).
Maybe your wasting your time reporting this though as we are not really able to be out and enjoying the weather you have reported and as of today here in Lagos the beaches and avenida are closed. Of course, we are much better off indoors not getting any vitamin D and staring into the T. V/computer soaking up the fear the media are chucking at us. It's going to help our immune systems no end.
Thanks anyway though!
Daniel Woodbridge

By Daniel from Algarve on 27-03-2020 07:33

With this weather and the virus is it safe to go to the beach

By Lida Innemee from Algarve on 27-03-2020 12:57
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