The tournament consists of four events, which will be played on 16 tables, with games from morning to night, at the Salgados Palace Hotel, on the Salgados beach.
In competition will be the European stars of the sport, with emphasis on the current national champion, Tiago Teixeira, who joins 15 more colleagues representing the Portuguese team.
The 442 athletes enrolled in the four events will compete simultaneously on 16 tables, throughout the day. The Championship starts with the U18s (from 7 to 10 March), followed by the U21s (from 10 to 14 March), then the Red 6 variant (from 14 to 16 March) and, finally, the tournament principal, Absolute, from 17 to 22 March.
The Portuguese team has the current national champion (2019), Tiago Teixeira (Free Ball), who will play the four events. Diogo Badalo (Academic), ranked 65th in the WSF Open (World for amateurs), is another national asset.
Entry to the event is free.