Algarve lose 250,000 British tourists in two years

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Algarve lose 250,000 British tourists in two years

The Algarve has lost almost 250,000 British tourists in two years, according to the Algarve’s main hotel association AHETA.

Brexit, coupled with the devaluation of the pound are being hailed responsible for the drop in Britons in 2017 and 2018. The Algarve Tourism Board has said it will be reinforcing its investment in attracting the British market.


We have been going to Portugal for the past 30 years and we absolutely love it,unfortunately because of the attitude of the EU and our democratic vote to leave we have no choice but to holiday elsewhere.

by George green from UK on 11-02-2019 07:02:00

I agree as a tout working outside a bar. I've noticed a big drop over last few years.. winter more so. Take Christmas this year it was dead in Albufeira but hardly surprising really, the Xmas lights this year was a total let down. No overhead lighting at all yeah roundabouts where done but nothing worth stopping for. Camara here say they spent more this year than last year.. that needs questioning I'm sure. People that live here send pics home of big events.. social media.. plays alot in determining whether it's a good place to visit. All the stalls on avenida liberdad gone taking away the good atmosphere.. that the main road coming in, what there logic of taking them away. I love Albufeira but if I was a tourist here I would be at a loss to what I could do.. virtually nothing to do in winter months.. all bars close at night.. Albufeira becomes a ghost town. The algarve depends on tourist for its main income, so give people something to come for. Stop all inclusive would be a great start. Stop relying on the sun to bring people.. Albufeira is one of the biggest places for tourist yet I've not seen any parades at carnival time in Albufeira why? Take a book out of Loule there parades are fabulous its money in there pocket. Parking in Albufeira is far to expensive people stay a few hours and leave yet you build a huge car park it's never open what a waste of money. Albufeira could do with a proper theme park.. for kids of all ages. The water parks are way to costly for family's of four or more... other than the beach not a great deal to do here. Kids get bored more so in winter. More and more hotels closing in winter ask yourselves why.. they cannot keep open if only getting cut price holiday money.. many of my customers tell me how much they pay.. long weekend less than 150euro all in. It's nothing. Most will pay that on a night out in UK or Ireland more so. Whilst this keeps going on the knock on effect is bars restaurants will close. This is the time to rethink strategy. The algarve is great but let's get greater. ( or lose it ).

by Steven Barlow from Algarve on 10-02-2019 07:05:00

These are inaccurate statistics as tourists stay in rented accommodation and SEF stats will give a different story!

by Carol Whittamore from Algarve on 09-02-2019 07:02:00

I have been goin to the Algarve with my family for 20 years and can't imagine going anywhere else we are planning on moving to Portugal hopefully next year to live out our retirement we love it people are so so nice xx

by Theresa Walsh from Other on 09-02-2019 10:48:00

All very easy to blame Brexit yet again, I find this hard to believe as flights are very cheap and generally pricing is not too expensive. So where are these Brits holidaying instead, Spain, Italy or Blackpool? I don't think so, it just does not make sense!! It is not stopping me coming to the Algarve and my pockets are not particularly deep.

by Rick Parker from UK on 08-02-2019 06:42:00

Flights from Birmingham to Faro are reduced now. Monarch, BMI baby used to fly there. Now limited to a service by either Ryanair or Jet 2 along with Thomson or Thomas Cook who only fly once or twice.

by Derek Woodyatt from UK on 08-02-2019 02:12:00
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