Appeals for more state involvement to fight poverty

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Appeals for more state involvement to fight poverty

The European Anti-Poverty Network (EPAN)/Portugal wants to involve Parliament and city councils in the fight against poverty, following a study by two universities that advocate specialised support for those who have become impoverished as a result of a traumatic episode.

In an interview with Lusa, the president of the Network, Jardim Moreira, spoke about the programme of activities "For the fight against poverty and social exclusion", which will take place in the district of Porto between 17 and 24 October, promoted by the Porto Nucleus of EAPN Portugal.

A study by Harvard and Utrecht universities argues that people who have become impoverished as a result of traumatic situations will only overcome this social condition with specialized help.

Both universities studied "the impact of situations of strong need and similar problems on human beings," and concluded that there was "multiple brain damage”.

Jardim Moreira went on to say: "they have verified through neuroscience that the impact is profound on the frontal part of the human brain, where decisions are generated, and whoever is confronted with such a problem no longer has that capacity and that in the occipital lobe, which is the area of affections, feelings and self-esteem, it also substantially reduces that capacity".

Faced with this situation, neuroscience defends that it is necessary to unblock the brain, nervous and emotional system, so that patients recover their self-esteem and are able to get out of the situation in which they find themselves".

"We have to intervene at the macro level, with political parties and Parliament, also with municipal communities and councils".

Over the 27 years of the network's presence in Portugal, poverty has not been reduced in percentage terms, despite the multiple public policies, usually almost welfare", said Jardim Moreira, citing another study, presented in Lisbon, which concludes "that poverty lasts for five generations".

And he added: "The money that is being spent each year on the minimum wage, €333 million, the effect is not one of transformation, but of maintenance, because people do not get out of that situation".

Policies always maintain close to two million Portuguese in poverty.

In a conversation with Lusa, the president of EAPN Portugal revealed that "happiness begins to be claimed as a human right and the truth is that poverty is an impediment to living one's happiness".

He added: "the University of São Miguel, in the Azores, is preparing to present a proposal to the United Nations to include happiness in human rights".


Pay people a living wage so they can be self sufficient! That would improve the economy, their self esteem and reduce poverty!

by Anna from Madeira on 08-10-2019 10:44:00
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