Campsite residents can stay

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People living on campsites will not have to vacate them during the State of Emergency.

Portugal’s government acknowledged that there are people who reside full-time on campsites, and said such people will not have to leave in the next 15 days as originally foreseen.

Campsites were among the establishments subject to compulsory closure after the State of Emergency was declared last week in light of the coronavirus pandemic, but exceptions have been opened following a flurry of reports that permanent residents would be left homeless.

Campsites must continue to provide basic utilities to residents, who are subject to isolation measures like the rest of the country.


How did everyone get on during the corona outbreak and subsequent lock down, were you asked to leave your camping parks? I feel this will be interesting for others to know as we could be plunged into another similar situation at anytime?

By Toby lee from Porto on 04-06-2020 11:21

We are in the very same position, this is a simple matter for the campsite to forward these names. it seems as if the want to relieve themselves of the problem and the easiest way is delay beyond Friday so we are removed. I have hard facts re this through an official source. The government no there are many here that use their caravans for summer or winter and have no other homes here. I have a rare lung condition and am in the vulnerable group. This surely has to come under a duty of care?

By Toby lee from Porto on 25-03-2020 05:41

Tho I say Lisbon I'm actually on the coast near Caldas da Rainha (nr Óbidos), isolated on a beach here in Covõa dos Musaranhos. Does anyone know if there are shopping volunteers in either of thise two towns who might deliver foodstuffs to me.. I can drive closer to the town of reqd.

By Will O'Mahony from Lisbon on 25-03-2020 03:35

Could you please let know where you have got the information for this article. We are on the Orbitur campsite in Quarteira and we were told Sunday 22 March by the Orbitur Manager on site, that the GNR have locked the gates and we have to be off the site by Friday 27 March. We are around 50 or so campers whose ferries back to the UK have been cancelled. We have checked with the Manager today 25 March and she tells us that the GNR are still coming on Friday and we have to wait and see what they say. She has sent a list of people on the site to Orbitor Head Office in Lisbon, detailing the campers here and reasons it is unsafe for us to be moved. Most of the campers left here are over 70 years of age. We are told not to go out, which is ok as we have food and everything we need here. We are all self isolating and only wish to stay here until we can get a ferry back to UK. As yet, Orbitur have not instructed their staff to let us stay. Please can you help us?

By Lynda Dawson from Algarve on 25-03-2020 03:00

Can you please give me the clarification of campsite resident I am at the moment in Portugal and have been since January I have a mobile home on a campsite which I visit every year for approximately 7-8 months at a time I have not got a permanent residence in the UK I do not want to stay with friends or family I am 79 years old I am worried what should I do thanks

By Patrick james Cabot from Other on 25-03-2020 02:47

I'm a resident in Portugal on a safe are visitors
Are they allowed to stay even with a five year residency document

By Joan bowman from Algarve on 24-03-2020 05:40

Does this include paid for stays on aires. Reply ASAP

By Mary medcalf from Algarve on 24-03-2020 02:40

Hi My friend is a permanent resident on Ferragudo Campismo she is in her 70s and last tuesday was told she had 48 hours to leave the site.She has lived there for years and was very shook up luckily a friend offered her a room.Went by today gates are closed.

By Julie Millington from Algarve on 24-03-2020 02:23

I understand motor home parks are to be closed but is anything going to be done about the illegal psrking? Here in Alvor despite having an official mv park there have been anything up to 20 mvs parked in the Prainha/Tres Irmaos car park. Some have been there months. There are no facilities for cleanung or waste disposal. I am sure this will be a common problem across the Algarve but if it is not tackled the health issues will simply be moved from official sites to unofficial sites.

By Terry McDine from Algarve on 24-03-2020 01:14
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