Ian Bedford, president of the association which comprises both Portuguese and ex-pat residents in and surrounding Vale da Telha, Aljezur, told us,

“Covid-19 has hit everyone, but the most vulnerable in society are those who are suffering most. And when something like this hits us, the plus side is that it often brings out the best in people.
“And this summer we again decided to offer help where we can to local charities whose own fund-raising efforts were, to an extent, drying up due to the Coronavirus.

“This also includes holding bi-monthly meetings with Aljezur Camara to identify and target areas where we can help most”.

These meetings have now resulted, amongst other things, in an agreement to re-route some scheduled times of the bus service operating to and from Aljezur/Lagos.

This means that, from March, some parts of the service will now pass through Vale da Telha, Espartal, Monte Clerigo and Arrifana, districts that have not had access to public transport for decades, despite the pressing needs of a growing population.

Also, Amovate had for some time been pressing for fibre optic broadband capability in Vale da Telha and surrounding districts after the area was by-passed, apparently because it lies within the Costa Vicentina National Park, despite Aljezur being included in the network.

But Amovate vice-President Matt D’Arcy of Chestertons Aljezur had several feasibility discussions with the service provider, and the fibre optic service is now being provided in the area.

Throughout the pandemic Amovate has worked closely with Conferencia Nossa Senhora D´Alva a charity which supports local families in need.

One child they were working with suffers from Williams Syndrome and requires €4,000 worth of mouth and dental treatment over a two-year period.

Amovate agreed to donate 2,000€ which covers the first year.

Amovate also distributed a total of 16 food baskets valued at 25€ each to needy families supported by the charity, supplied at a reduced cost by Petra Deen who has a fruit and vegetable stall in Aljezur market.

Amovate also gave the charity €500 to help set up a soup kitchen.

In addition Amovate and Restaurante Fonte do Vale—situated in a central part of Vale Da Telha—set up a drop-off point for people wanting to donate non-perishable food items for the same cause, a service which continues to operate.

Amovate were also asked for their help by A Casa CLD4SG (Casa da Crianças) which looks after children in poverty and their families in poverty throughout Aljezur, Rogil and their new base in Odeceixe where the local Freguesia have given them use of what was a pre-school building to operate from.

The charity needed furnishings and shelving for their Odeceixe HQ to display items for sale.
Amovate were invited to the inauguration of the operation in Odeceixe. Representing the charity were Aida Manchado, Sandra Nunes and Mafalda Alves.

Later ACASA told us, “We deeply appreciate the support from Amovate and we were honoured to have Ian and Steve present at the inauguration of our donation centre in Odeceixe.