Newspaper Correio da Manhã identified the victims as 42-year-od Nuno Guerreiro and his wife, 48-year-old Lúcia Rodrigues, and reported the shooting could have occurred “hours earlier, or even the night before”.
According to CM, fire-fighters were called to the scene after neighbours “spotted blood running under the door”.
Rescue services were forced to enter the house on Rua do Infantário in which the couple had lived for around one year, through the window as the bodies were near the door.
A neighbour said the man worked in Lagoa Council’s waste removal department, while CM said he was also a hunter.
The newspaper also revealed that PJ police were conducting forensic examinations on the male victim’s three cars as part of the investigation, and the bodies were due to be autopsied this week.
While PJ police are investigating the deaths, according to CM, all points towards the shooting being a suspected murder-suicide, with the man having shot his wife before turning the gun on himself.