Eight suspected cases of the coronavirus

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Portuguese health officials have this morning said that there are eight new suspected cases of the coronavirus in the country.

Among these new cases, are two children, with all these latest cases involving people who had recently travelled to northern Italy where cases of the virus have risen considerably in the past few days. To date, there have been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Portugal.

The number of coronavirus cases in Italy has jumped to 400. The rise in Italy, the main focus of infection in Europe, represents a 25 percent surge in 24 hours. Several European countries announced new cases traced to Italy. Globally, more than 80,000 people in about 40 countries have been infected with the new coronavirus, which emerged in December. Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus, has killed more than 2,700 people so far.


I would like to inform Maisha Grinn from USA 01/03/2020/that this is is an online newspaper NOT a political platform to support a sexist, racist, idiotic, pathetic fool like TRUMP. Please Maisha, use this platform for news, not idiotic political views.

By Colin from Algarve on 04-03-2020 10:27

Lorna Jean Taylor-Anderson from USA Please take a reality pill. At this time it is as safe to travel to Portugal as it is to stay at home. The virus is GLOBAL. Do the holiday and worry about "COMPENSATION" later. If you don`t get it here the chances are you will get it there. What do you really want? If it`s a holiday then go have it. If it`s the USA claim culture then go for that, but stop whinging and either get on the plane or stay at home.

By Colin from Algarve on 04-03-2020 10:07

I am planning to travel throughout Portugal during the last two weeks of this month- March 2020. Unless Globus Tours actually cancels the trip, I plan to proceed. If I were to voluntarily choose not to go, I would lose thousands of dollars because travel insurance doe NOT cover epidemics or pandemics, especially for people who simply choose not to go because of their own apprehension rather than cancellation by the tour company. I trust that Globus will do the right thing and not put its clients or staff in harm's way, and if the company does cancel my tour, I expect a FULL refund or there will be trouble in Paradise.

By Lorna Jean Taylor-Anderson from USA on 02-03-2020 03:57

Some comments are saying to mention “ suspected cases” is scaremongering. Not true. These cases must be spoken about so people have full knowledge of what’s happening.Suspected cases are being monitored and give everyone that have been around these people or places where the virus has been identified the ability to self quarantine and get proper testing to determine their status. It’s NOT scaremongering. Rather this information gives updates on the possible spread of the virus to the general population.

By gregory edward from Lisbon on 02-03-2020 01:16

Just received note from my employer that I can not return to work until I see my doctor, after returning yesterday from a vacation to Southern Portugal.

By BH from USA on 01-03-2020 07:00

The world press has joined the American Fake News is generating hysteria to try to topple the WORLD'S GREATEST LEADER IN ALL HISTORY Donald J. Trump. Well, it won't work. Bloomberg will not replace him! Bernie will not replace him!

By Maisha Grinn from USA on 01-03-2020 06:45

You can only confirm cases in Portugal IF the countrie's health authorities are in fact effectively carrying out the required tests on suspected cases as they arise.

By Andrew Davidson from UK on 01-03-2020 09:48

This story is several days old. What are the results? No follow up.
Should we come and visit the fine people of Portugal? Why don't you tell us the results?

By CB from USA on 01-03-2020 04:54

We want to go trekking in Algarve from 15.3. to 20.3. with a group. Staying in a Hotel in Armaçao de Pêra. What do you think?

By Frances Popert from Other on 29-02-2020 05:31

Calm down Fred ???? who do u know workin for the Portugal news?

By Nigel from UK on 29-02-2020 10:47

Where the government are not doing enough to combat the spread of the Coronavirus then it the responsibility of journalists to report even suspect cases.

In the UK, as soon as the 1st cases appeared in North Italy they told there citizens returning from there to self isolate if they had symptoms. Now they must self isolate even if they have no symptoms.

Look at the cruise ship in Japan, UK repatriated it’s citizens into 14 days isolation. Portugal just let them go home.

My heart goes out to the people of Portugal who have contracted this virus band I only hope it’s not to late to
Prevent it becoming a epiDemi’s in Portugal.

Marta Temedo should resign for not taking the proper steps to protect Portugal’s citizens and if she doesn’t she should be sacked.

By Mark from UK on 29-02-2020 09:15

Both DV and Andreas Jakobsen should understand that it is the job of the Press to report ALL news. Whether cases are Suspected or Confirmed. It is their duty to the public to report all that is of concern to us. I do not consider the "Scaremongering" accusation fair, as if the cases proved positive the accusation would be "WHY WERE WE NOT WARNED" the Press cannot win it seems

By C Williams from Algarve on 29-02-2020 08:37

I enjoyed the article which was well written, comprehensive and realistic.
I am located in the Northwest of Florida, between
Pensacola and Panama City, what is called the Panhandle,
in a city called Niceville, Bluewater, Sunset Beach. A little Paradise, so far. I have not heard of any cases of the CORONAVIRUS. I was born in Portugal and have ticked to travel to Portugal 22 June to 4 August. I still have a house 1 hour North of Lisbon. I am taking my daughter and grandchildren and am starting to worry. Please keep me informed. I definitely worried about the 3 kids...
Thank you so much. Obrigada. Dulce Solt

By Dulce Solt from USA on 28-02-2020 06:32

I agree Andreas entirely. What is needed at the moment is factual information and not someone sittng in their study when they are still half asleep posting speculative articles about the situation.

By Alan Spencer from UK on 28-02-2020 05:36

Suspected cases are being reported throughout the world because There Aren’t Enough Test Kits For Confirmation!
Far from scaremongering, they are reporting in a balanced, unbiased manner devoid of needless emotional commentary and opinion. This IS a very serious situation which has already grown out of control, both in Asia, Italy, and now here (although we haven’t even begun to see the impact, and won’t, until the initial incubation period for those first infected here is over.) We will soon see evidence of the expotential growth that has already occurred right here at home. The reporter here has done an admirable job sticking to facts and presenting them in a manner worthy of being called journalism.
If you want to see drama and sensationalism, check out the Daily Mail or tune in to ANY British morning 'news' program. There you will see sensationalism.
As far as the virus is concerned, you may as well consider it already woven into the fabric of Portuguese society. By the time you see symptoms showing up, your whole region is infected. Ask Lombardy or South Korea. But please, lay off the reporter. If you don’t like the tone of the article, no one is forcing you to read it.

By Fred Bartell from Algarve on 28-02-2020 07:28

Thanks. Nice to know Portugal is letting their citizens travel freely in and out of Italy.

By Russ Gordon from Other on 27-02-2020 10:19

stop reporting suspected cases. it serves nothing but to fuel hysteria. report actual confirmed cases which, at this moment in time, is 0. as in, "don't worry guys, there's still no reason to worry."

By DV from Lisbon on 27-02-2020 02:54

Can you please post when theyre confirmed cases. THis is the 3rd scare mongering article you post about suspected cases.

By Andreas Jakobsen from Lisbon on 27-02-2020 10:17
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