The project aims to show that it is possible to undertake tourism with “zero emissions” and demystify the idea that an electric car does not have enough autonomy to travel long distances, explained to Lusa News Agency, Mar Villalba, coordinator of “e-Ruta” project.

The businesswoman and blogger already has tours defined in several Spanish regions and also in the Algarve, with the indication of places for charging electric vehicles – in hotels, on the public road and in shopping centres, close to points of cultural, historical interest or gastronomic offerings.

“The idea is to make a route that connects the three regions in an electric car, with accommodation, showing the monuments, the crafts and the gastronomy of the place”, she added.

“Portugal has a good public network of charging stations for electric vehicles, and there are structures that allow this, both in hotels, in public places and in shopping centres, where charging is free”, she stressed.

The creation project of the “e-Ruta” - one of several that resulted from the forum -, will be supported by the Fundação Três Culturas do Mediterraneo, promoting the first forum INTREPIDA.