A reader of The Portugal News said that on 25 August: “Passport control had two people then four people checking – electronic machines were not working and I was one of over 500 people. No social distancing…Shocking…This is not how to keep the airbridge”

Another traveller passing through passport control in Faro today, 28 August, who took the featured image, told The Portugal News that “no social distancing was taking place and retailers were upset because of the queuing”, although he added that “it only took 15 minutes to get through so it looks like the airport is coping as best they can with the huge numbers”.

Other photos of the airport and the situation were widely shared online on 27 August, however SEF, the Portuguese immigration agency, released a press release today stating that the images showed a situation which involved eight planes landing at the same time and that this was a one off situation which led to a temporary situation at Faro airport.

SEF also added that they have enrolled a further 12 immigration officers for Faro airport and a another 10 are due to arrive on 1 September, while from Monday more of the electronic passport gates will be available for those arriving and to cut down on the queuing.

According to Reuters, the number of passengers arriving in Portugal from the UK has risen by 190% since Portugal was removed from the quarantine list on 20 August.