According to the Report and Accounts to which Lusa had access, the document, which will be discussed and voted on at the FPF General Assembly (GA), on 19 October, details revenues of about €84 million and expenses of approximately €79 million, amounts also above projections.

In 2018/19, the FPF collected €12.3million with the victory in the League of Nations, a value slightly below the amount collected through reaching round 16 of the World 2018 (€12.6million), included in the previous year’s accounts, which also counted with the premiums of the semi-finals and final of the Euro 2016 (€4.4million).

“This result is due to several factors, including a constant monitoring of the budget, the result of the national team’s participation in the League of Nations, an increase in sports betting revenues, and also an increase in the general values of FPF contracts, resulting from the new direct negotiation model adopted,” states the body’s activity report.