The appointment is a major scoop for the Albufeira-based radio station, as Frankie was recently shortlisted in the final five for the Best Music Show in the World in the 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards under the Pop category, for his radio show. Previous nominees include Avicii, Paul Van Dyke and Carl Cox, with Frankie set to find out next week where he will be placed out of the final five.
In the meantime, Frankie says he is delighted with the move to Kiss FM and is looking forward to being a voice for many years on the station.
Sandwiched between Si Frater and Mark Sebastian, Frankie reveals he has received great support from both these Kiss FM stalwarts as he took to the air for the first time this week. According to the production team at Kiss FM, Frankie has made a huge impact, with feedback being highly positive with listeners tuning in their droves for the early afternoon show.
Speaking to The Portugal News after completing one of his first shows, Frankie Beats admits that despite “having worked as a DJ since the age of 15, I was very nervous when I went live for the first time at midday on Monday. There are slight differences in taking to the air, and I was wary of making any mistakes.”
But with reviews all being positive, the new voice in the Algarve clearly had no reason to be concerned.
The opening at Kiss FM purely happened by chance.
“It came about during a visit to Portugal earlier this year. I was travelling in a taxi from Faro airport to Alvor where I had taken up a position at the Black Stove, when I heard Kiss FM on the radio. I immediately sent in my CV, and within a day, Marina had replied,” and the rest is history.
A little more than three months later, Frankie Beats opened his debut show on Kiss FM on Monday, playing Beck’s ‘Up All Night” - one of his favourite songs by one of his favourite artists.
But Frankie says he has no particular or preferred music taste and listens to everything, from “Mozart to Iron Maiden.” and admits to being a walking music encyclopaedia having made a living from his passion for music for the past 26 years.
At 41, Frankie says he is really looking forward to the new challenge he has tackled in the Algarve, having spent many years working in Greece and his home country Ireland.
Quizzed about the ‘Beats’ in his name, Frankie says it was a nickname handed to him when he was still a teenager and so much so, that when typing in it will not direct you to the site of the world famous headphones, but rather to Frankie’s own personal page.