Government concerned about elderly migrants in need in Venezuela

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The Portuguese government has expressed concern about the situation of elderly emigrants living in Venezuela and said that it will increase the minimum amount to be given to the most-needy cases from €30 to €45.

In a statement to Lusa on Sunday, regarding a visit to the Chacao market in eastern Caracas, the secretary of state for the Portuguese Communities, Berta Nunes, said that in addition to the increase, her goal is to hear the complaints of the Portuguese nationals in the country and study the strengthening of support for those who are in a situation of vulnerability.

The economic and social crisis in the country where around 300,000 Portuguese nationals and of Portuguese descent live has worsened in recent years and there are citizens in difficult situations, she said, adding that the executive is available to improve and extend the support he's been giving to associations and the community in general.

An alteration has already been made to the values of Social Support for the Elderly in Need (ASIC), to cover more people, which had a minimum value of €30 and had been frozen since 2008, she said.

The minimum amount was increased to €45 and the process is currently in the secretary of state for social security, since the regulation is managed in a bipartite way between the General Directorate of Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities.

During the visit, Berta Nunes highlighted the presence of many Portuguese citizens on the spot and highlighted the social weight of emigrants in Venezuela's economic fabric.

In her opinion, it is an important message that has already been conveyed to her since she arrived in Venezuela on Saturday.

"Many Portuguese had to leave Venezuela due to the crisis, and we will do everything to welcome them in the best possible way, but I also want to leave a message here that we will continue to accompany our community in Venezuela," she said.

Berta Nunes stressed that she will go to Venezuela as often as is necessary because it is an enterprising community that wants to stay here, that has its roots here and the government hopes that the situation will evolve favourably so that they can continue to contribute to the country.

As for the support for those who have returned to Portugal, particularly Madeira, Berta Nunes said she intends to study the situation.

She began a five-day visit to Venezuela on Saturday evening to contact local and Portuguese authorities in Caracas, Los Teques, Maracay and Valencia.


I hope that the Portuguese people are paying close attention to what is happening in the socialist paradise of Venezuela. The misery that has been imposed upon the people of Venezuela by their socialist government is what happens when a few socialist in power run any particular nation. Remember that socialism is for the masses not the socialist.
I hope that the Portuguese government would rescue the Portuguese nationals from the misery of living in Venezuela. Bring them home! Make room and find a place for them.

By Marc J. Moniz from USA on 28-01-2020 05:06
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