Incentives needed for natural gas powered cars

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The representative in Portugal of the Iberian natural gas association (GASNAM) have defended the importance of this fuel in energy transition, pointing out that more incentives are needed from the Government for its use in individual transport, as happens with electric cars.

Vítor Cardial said that compared to traditional fuels, natural gas has less carbon dioxide emissions. It is a much cleaner fuel, noise levels are lower than those of conventional vehicles and consumption is basically equivalent.

GASNAM considers necessary a "strategy of government incentives for the use of natural gas in individual road transport, "as has been done to the electric car”.

"In heavy vehicles there is no discussion: natural gas is the solution. GASNAM's goal now is to "raise public awareness" of the advantages of its use in private transport.

In Mirandela (north east Portugal) there is a biomethane production project, achieved through the purification of biogas from, for example, domestic waste and sewage, which has the advantages of being produced locally, creating jobs, and promoting the circular economy.

"Waste collection vehicles in Mirandela already use biomethane," said Vítor Cardial.

GASNAM will promote the seminar "Natural Gas: the mobility solution in energy transition" on Wednesday at the Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon, aiming to demonstrate that "natural gas is prepared to be a fuel that will accompany the entire route of energy transition from the current situation to the total decarbonization of the economy".


As usual Portugal is full of poets! Of specific, certainly interesting cases, GASNAM purposely generalizes forgetting the economic, geographic and political realities of the place. Their goal, besides the incentives, is not to market methane gas produced by anaerobic composting of organic matter and use it in individual vehicles! For that you need adequate quantities and infrastructures for storage and distribution. Biological production in small quantities is intermittent and unreliable! It seems that GASNAM’s goal is not really the utopia but to open the door to American LNG instead, even if it is economically very expensive but politically correct as it satisfies the USA interests to further control the EU including Portugal and Spain! They are certainly not interested in gas from North Africa, the Middle East or, much less, the abundant, reliable and cheap Russian gas accessible through Eastern Europe! Putin's "ghost" and American politics "inhibit them from seeing the reality"! Another thing. The USA and where I live natural gas is plenty and produced cheaply and for long has been used in vehicles (most utility and public transportation systems). Even so, its use in most vehicles in favor of other fuels is very limited even in California. A touch of reality: in a total of about 263 million vehicles on American roads only 150,000 are powered by natural gas, that is less than 0.057%! A critical barrier, that all potential users should be aware of, is the prohibition of underground parking for such vehicles due to their high risk and catastrophic explosive consequences!

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