The figure is slightly lower than that observed in the previous year (9.8 percent).
According to INE, housing overcrowding mainly affects residents in the Algarve region (17.8 percent) and in the Autonomous Region of the Azores (15.7 percent).
INE data indicates that about 4.1 percent of residents live in “severe conditions of housing deprivation”, which means that the accommodation has at least one of the following problems: lack of shower or bathing area or toilet with flush in the interior of the dwelling, infiltration or humidity on the ceiling, walls, windows or floor and “insufficient natural light on a sunny day”.
The institute says that the overhead rate of housing expenses (when the ratio of this expenditure is higher than income by 40 percent) was 5.7 percent last year, identical to 2018.
This overhead is higher in the Algarve region, in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon and in the Azores.