I will leave the social commentary, opinions and updates to the powers that be and crack on doing what I know best, which is coaching this wonderfully frustrating game. What has become apparent over the past couple of days is that I can still coach and coach almost in the perfect conditions. Where you, the golfer. cannot go and mess up any coaching tips by creeping out onto the course and reverting back to old habits.
So what I am proposing to do for all of The Portugal News readership, is to coach you from the ground up, foundations first and then more intricate moves further into the quarantine period. We are going to layer each move on top of the previous, using the time tested movement drills, without actually hitting the ball.
When I say “time tested”, there isn’t a Tournament professional who has integrated a new move into their swing without the use of drills. Faldo used them when working and transforming his game whilst working with David Leadbetter, Tiger has used them with every coach he has ever retained. It’s how the work is done.
Up until now the amateur golfer rarely gives their game the time to use these drills. Time is a commodity which we have in abundance at the moment, so our Academy is going to give you drills, exercises and stretches which will benefit your game over the coming weeks.
All you have to do is either go onto Facebook and put into the search bar ‘Golf Integrated Academy’ or use the same search words in YouTube and you will see me, on top of our flat roof giving you the daily drill or stretch and explaining the relevance of the action to your golf swing. I apologise in advance for the lack of technology surrounding me right now.
What we will be able to do is work on our games unobstructed by actually playing the game. Pure practice, great stretches and some fun too. The more you put in the more you will get out. All you need is an internet connection and time. Something which we all have these days.
Consider it a social experiment, where we can put together a virtual golf membership all working on our games individually in the privacy of our homes whilst sharing the experiences. Imagine, you will not hit a bad shot while you are doing the drills. In fact, you are guaranteed not to hit an errant golf shot until you return to the golf course.
You have the time, that’s for sure, it’s just a question if you have the inclination. I promise to keep it simple, in bite size chunks with a daily update. It will be a little rough at the edges as I have no filmmaking experience, but I have time to kill and this seems like a good time for me to learn a new skill. So, we will be in the same boat together and definitely keeping our virtual distance from each other.
By the time you read this I will have posted a couple of videos for you, as I submit articles by the close of business on Tuesday. I am really interested to see how this evolves as the opportunity for this to help and use the time productively seems too great to pass up.
Let’s see how it goes; I will post as long as this situation lasts. Who knows how long that will be... See you soon I hope, just remember Golf Integrated Academy on Facebook and/or YouTube! If there is something you have a particular question about, post it in the comments and we will do our best to respond/address/accommodate it.