Lustrous eyebrows are still very much on trend, but now we're seeing the emergence of a variation on the Cara look that's growing - quite literally - in popularity: brushed-up brows.

Offering a soft, feathery feel - as opposed to a thick, defined shape - fans say it gives the appearance of fuller brows, without being too dense or severe.

It's easy to create the look at home, or a treatment called brow lamination offers a longer-term solution.

Here, beauty experts explain everything you need to know about mastering the brushed-up brows trend...

Where did the brushed-up brows trend come from?

"Brushed-up brows have been on the trend circuit for quite a few years now," says Marc Reagan, make-up artist and global director at Hourglass Cosmetics.

"As people embrace the power of a naturally full and fluffy brow, there are more and more products in the beauty industry available to help everyone achieve the brow that works best for them."

Who does it suit?

"This is quite a universal look and suits all eye and face shapes," says Sherrille Riley, founder of Nails & Brows, but she warns that it's more achievable on brows that are already quite thick. "More mature women - and those who have thinner and sparser hairs - will need to use make-up to enhance their brows."

Reagen says: "Brushed-up brows are my personal favourite look for everyone - they add structure and strength to the face, and they also add an instant lift to the eyes."

He adds that when it comes to brows, it's best to find "a look that works with what your unique features already provide," rather than being guided by the latest trends.

"Whatever your personal preference, make sure that it makes you feel good when you look in the mirror. Focus on giving yourself the brow that works for you."

Are there ways to make your brows grow thicker?

"Absolutely," says Riley. "I would advise investing in brow serums or using castor oil."

Brow growth serums use peptides and conditioning ingredients to strengthen hairs and prevent them from breaking.

"Our clients swear by the result of these products," Riley adds. "Applying a serum daily will help with re-growth, as well as condition the hair."

How can you create the brushed-up brows look at home?

Reagen suggests a three-step approach to create the look at home, starting with filling in sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil matched to your hair colour.

"Apply colour where you need it first, focusing on sparse areas of the brow and adding definition to the arch and tail."

"Lift the hairs away from the skin using the tip of the wand to build texture, then comb the hairs at the start of the brow upwards, working along the first half of the brow. Then, brush in the direction of the arch and tail for a perfectly sculpted shape.

"For a finishing touch, apply shaping gel to separate, set, and hold hairs in place."

Riley recommends using the soap trick to create the look: "This is one of the secrets used by many make-up artists to achieve this look behind the scenes of editorial shoots and fashion shows.

"I would recommend using a brow brush, dampening it in water and gently rubbing it on a colourless soap.

"Then use this brush to 'brush up' the brows to create the look. The soap will hold the hair in place."

What is brow lamination?

"Many salons offer brow lamination, which is a professional service to achieve a more permanent effect of the brushed-up brow look," says Riley.

"It's an innovative technique that straightens the brow hairs to tame and set them in place for a feathery, natural style."

The results last up to six weeks and can include a brow tint as well.

"I would recommend using a conditioning brow serum, as lamination can make the hairs a little dry."