Migrants intercepted in the Algarve

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The authorities intercepted a group of migrants who landed illegally, on 15 September, on Ilha Deserta in Faro and then fled, leaving their vessel behind.

According to the captain of the Southern Maritime Zone, there were at least 18 members of the Maritime Police, supported by four vessels and other means, trying to intercept the crew of the vessel, which has already been located. According to the same source, at 4.30pm the group of 28 migrants, allegedly from Morocco and including three women, was “in transit to the Faro commercial pier on board vessels of the Maritime Police and GNR.”

In a statement, the Maritime Authority said that the group also included a child, whose age was not specified, and that one of the three women was pregnant.

The other groups of migrants who have landed on the Algarve coast in recent months were composed exclusively of men.

Once ashore, the group took a bus to the Quarteira Logistical Support Base, where they underwent screening tests for Covid-19, and were then expected to be handed over to the Foreigners and Borders Service, Fernando Rocha Pacheco added.

The vessel on which the 28 migrants arrived on the island is about seven metres long and is similar to those used for the other five illegal landings registered in the region since December.

The landing was reported to the authorities via 112 by people on the beach on the island, which has no inhabitants and only a restaurant and beach support.

At least 18 members of the Maritime Police were on the scene, supported by four boats and other means.

Elements of the GNR Coastal Control Unit were also involved in the operation.

This is the sixth illegal landing on the Algarve coast involving migrants from North Africa.

The most recent case occurred in July, when a group of 21 men, allegedly Moroccans, landed on the island of Farol, also in the municipality of Faro.


Experts can confirm that Morocco is a lot wealthier than Portugal in terms of resources but it's run by a super corrupt regime, so the country's wealth goes directly to the monarch's pocket, and so are many 3rd world countries. They're wealthier in resources than western countries but their populations are poor. GDP and income tax are irrelevant in this case. You're comparing apples and oranges. I mentioned the king of Morocco's net worth just to tell Moroccans to go after the guy who's robbed their wealth instead of risking their lives in high seas. There are a few Portuguese with higher net worth than the king of Morocco but those have never sucked the blood of a whole nation.

By JR from Other on 24-09-2020 01:35

The problem with many african nations is that corrupt leaders prefer bling over helping their own people.

By William from Other on 23-09-2020 10:58

Ces gens viennent chercher juste des allocations, s'ils n'en reçoivent pas assez à leur goût, ils volent , violent et agressent. C'est leur conception de la vie..

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 23-09-2020 08:42

Morocco wealthier than Portugal? I wonder where you got your facts from? Portugal is a developed country, Morocco is a developing country. Portugal GDP per capita is $30,400 Morocco GDP per capita is $8,600. Portugal collects is taxes approximately $60 billion per year. The King of Morocco would not being able to develop his nation with his $2 billion unfortunately. That would probably be the budget to build a water reservoir or a similar project! There are Portuguese here in Portugal with a higher net worth than the King of Morocco!

By Anna from Madeira on 23-09-2020 01:19

Ne faites pas comme les Français ou Belges, renvoyez ces gens chez eux.Les accepter c'est le début du cauchemar pour le Portugal: vols ,viols, dégradations, agressions , drogues etc...ces gens sont des voyous et sans scrupules!

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 20-09-2020 09:24

Your article doesn't say what happened to these people. Were the sent back to Morocco, or allowed to stay in Portugal? Incomplete story.

By M B Smith from Lisbon on 19-09-2020 03:05

Portugal doesn't have work for its own people and then these people cross illegal borders for economic reasons!

By João from Other on 19-09-2020 10:42

Anybody arrived in portugal not legal should be send back where they come from with out portugal spend any money

By Dino rosa from Other on 19-09-2020 02:31

Portugal must take serious action to make an end to these attempts before Algarve becomes another lampedusa. Morocco is wealthier than Portugal, and king M6 of Morocco is the 5th wealthiest royal in the world with a net worth of over $2 B. Moroccans must solve their problems at home.

By JR from Other on 18-09-2020 11:59

Pessoas com intenção de trabalhar em país estrangeiro devem aplicar por meios legais como é o procedimento correto. Se cumprirem os requisitos serão aceitos. Não basta só ter boa saúde.

By Aline from Lisbon on 18-09-2020 06:31

Portugal has experience with muslim invasion. never again !

By Philip from Alentejo on 18-09-2020 05:50

Refugees from Morocco? We need to send them back home!

By Anna from Madeira on 18-09-2020 02:46

Olá, sou marroquino e adoro muito Portugal, quero trabalhar no teu país e também tenho muito boa saúde

By Mohamed aboulouafa from Other on 18-09-2020 01:11
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