New Covid-19 rules for Portugal come in

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The majority of mainland Portugal on 1 July went into alert due to Covid-19, with the exception of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon (AML), which will pass to the contingency state.

Within the AML, which is made up of 18 municipalities, 19 parishes in five municipalities will continue to be in a state of calamity, since, according to the prime minister last week, this is where “the focus of greatest concern for new cases has been [registered]”.
Now there are three ‘levels’ of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The alert situation, the one in which the country found itself before the state of emergency was declared on 18 March, is the lowest level of intervention after the contingency and calamity situation (higher).
Last week, the Government also announced the creation of a regime of administrative offenses for those who violate the rules established within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as gatherings or consuming alcoholic beverages on the street, with fines for people ranging from €100 to €500 and from €1,000 to €5,000 for businesses.

Mainland Portugal (with the exception of AML)
Most of the country is now on alert, with the following restrictions in place:
• Mandatory home or hospital confinement for people infected with Covid-19 or subject to active surveillance.
• The rules of physical distance, use of mask, capacity levels, schedules and hygiene are maintained.
• Gatherings limited to 20 people.
• Prohibition of alcohol consumption on public streets.

Lisbon Metropolitan Area
The Metropolitan Area of Lisbon will now be in a state of contingency, with the Government decreeing more restrictive containment measures:
• Mandatory home or hospital confinement for people infected with Covid-19 or subject to active surveillance.
• Gatherings limited to 10 people.
• Prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages in outdoor spaces.
• Prohibition on selling alcoholic beverages in service areas and petrol stations.
• Most commercial establishments must close at 8pm.
• Hypermarkets and supermarkets can remain open until 10pm, but cannot sell alcohol after 8pm.
• Restaurants can operate beyond 8pm for on-site meals (both inside establishments and on licensed terraces), take-away or home delivery.
• No closing time is imposed for fuel supply services (they can operate 24 hours a day exclusively for the sale of fuel), pharmacies, funeral homes, sports equipment, clinics, offices and veterinarians.

19 parishes in the municipalities of Lisbon, Sintra, Amadora, Odivelas and Loures
The Government decreed that 19 parishes in five municipalities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area will continue in a state of calamity: Santa Clara (Lisbon), the four parishes in the municipality of Odivelas (Odivelas and the parish unions of Pontinha and Famões, Póvoa de Santo Adrião and Olival Basto, and Ramada and Caneças), the six parishes in the municipality of Amadora (Alfragide, Águas Livres, Encosta do Sol, Mina de Água, Venteira and Union of Parishes of Falagueira and Venda Nova), six parishes of Sintra (unions of parishes of Queluz and Belas, Massamá and Monte Abraão, Cacém and São Marcos, Agualva and Mira Sintra, Algueirão-Mem Martins and the parish of Rio de Mouro) and two parishes of Loures (associations of parishes of Sacavém and Prior Velho, and Camarate, Unhos and Appeal).
In these parishes special containment measures have been imposed:
• People should only leave the house to go to work, go shopping, play sports or provide assistance to family members.
• Gatherings are limited to five people.
• Fairs and markets are prohibited.
• Reinforcement of mandatory containment surveillance by joint Civil Protection, Social Security and Community Health teams.
• The Healthy Neighbourhoods Programme, coordinated by architect Helena Roseta, will be implemented to improve living conditions.


Estou na Grécia se for para Portugal nos próxima semana e preciso fazer algum teste antes de voar para Portugal?

By Arlindo gomes from Other on 27-07-2020 09:58

I live in New Zealand but had booked in December last year (pre-Covid) to spend two weeks in Lisbon (my second visit there: lovely city and country) before travelling on to Denmark to spend time with my son, who lives there. Sadly, I am unable to make the trip, due to Covid travel and isolation restrictions (in all countries). However, I am one of the 'sensible' ones who listened to and heeded our government's advice. Lockdown wasn't fun but we all (apart from the rare idiot!) exercised self-discipline and followed the rules. As a result, we are rewarded with total freedom of movement and activities within our own borders.I totally disagree with Maria Dow or Jos Silva (whose post is, in my view, nothing more than a frustrated rant). What makes you think our government is hanging on to control/"having a hard job letting go"? Rubbish! The country is doing what it has to do to keep our population safe. Yes - this has an impact on international travel but that is the ONLY restrictions we New Zealanders have to accept. We accept that willingly as our domestic freedom is so valuable. We are not 'controlled' beyond listening to reliable, sensible (in the Covid circumstances) advice and following it. We have excellent leadership (from many well-informed sources) - and Jacinda Ardern is admired globally for her clear, direct leadership through this global crisis. Dr Ashley Bloomfield is also admired and respected for his calm, steady advice. We, in New Zealand (I know I speak for many) question just what Maria Dow takes issue with. I just thank my lucky stars that I migrated to NZ (from UK) almost 40 years ago. Sour grapes, Jos?). I am aged 71; alive, healthy, not living in fear and loving life. No - the reality is I may never see my son in the flesh again before I die; may never hug him (and my wonderful Danish daughter-in-law) again. But they are also safe and well and loving life and each other. Yes - this crisis will (eventually) pass but harking back to the dreadful loss of life from the flu epidemic achieves nothing. That was then, this is now. NZ's approach is to protect life, not to simply shrug and say that, with all we know now, millions of deaths are acceptable (because it's happened before).What rubbish; what codswallop! Get real, you two.

By Susan French from Other on 26-07-2020 02:38

i agree, making everone where plastic, dismantling culture and forcing thousands into poverty will destroy far more lives then covid. The measures in place are draconian and has impacted negatively on everyone i know, with many friends being evicted and losing tbeir jobs. If the portuguese government think they can have the tourists visit but tell them to go to bed at 8pm they are grossly mistaken, people like to dance, listen to live fado and have a drink and go to bed when tbey choose not when the nappy state decides.

By Tom Connell from Lisbon on 25-07-2020 10:00

Covid19 fear mongering is going to destroy many more healthy people's lives than the few it kills, mostly because of underlying bad health. Thé damage to population's health from wearing masks is incalculable. The psychological trauma inflicted on people by their governments is as bad as living in a war zone expecting a bomb to drop on your head unless you hide in a shelter. Goebbels would have loved to have half as much control over the population as today's propaganda chiefs.

By Rol from Algarve on 16-07-2020 01:29

Jos Silva, i so agree with you..... same in New Zealand, but in saying that, i do have to say that our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, did a good job with lockdown and all the levels that followed, but unfortunately she and the rest of the government have had the taste of controlling the population and having a very hard time in letting go!

By Maria Dow from Other on 08-07-2020 06:15

First time reading this news, without doubt the most informative and helpful we have found. Completed our purchase in June and hopefully we will get to our new home later this month. Hence we need reliable sources and information.

By Richard Morgan from Algarve on 07-07-2020 05:46

If published, we should never forget that what is right now told to the world is not entirely true. Right now due to famous Covid-19 we have 0.14% deaths from the entire world population. The Spannish Flue killed Millions! Could be worst if not for confinement and masks etc. Well True in a way. Fact is, we have only deaths from corona in Portugal and elsewhere. It seems. No one reports Pneumonia anymore as simply Pneumonia. Pneumonia induced heart attacks, which has always been common with Influenza, is now being reported as COVID-19. Please bear in kind that the test being used were approved by a privat Foundation, financed by privat money, the WHO. Even if Governments finance it it is still a privat Foundation. Not UN. Un simply supported it's existence when created.
there is a whole lot of fear and paranoia. Which is creating more health problems, more deaths and these are than COVID-19 or maybe 20, and misery world over. Politicians thing that they can survive this. They will not be able to finance it at all. 50% of The world has stopped. The COVID-19/SARS-Cov2 Test was never approved. The WHO stated it was ok. By what standards? The WHO rules the wqorld right now, the Chinese prospers whilst we all go bankrupt. Is this correct? No it is not. Corona is for decades everywhere even in Soil. It is just a matter of testing. We have now a quick Immunity test. IgG /IgM. Well, costs 25%35 Euros, It only tests our Immunoglobulin G and M levels. So if your body is fight just about any infection these values change. they use sparingly to tell us with no guarantee if we were infected or are imune to Covid-19. The latter is nut correct as the test is not COVID Specific and if we show immunity could be for something else. Josef Goebels was a master at convincing people. All you have to do is hammer the same numbers and news everyday and instigate fear of death and contamination. The young get ill usually after parties. Too much sweating and drafts, too much drink and drugs, and the hang over creates a sence of being il. Fear does the rest and so does the C-19 Test. Most people have Corona. Is this dangerous? Sure, well Influenza from H1N1I to HxNx always was and always be and mutate ans still a major cause of death world over after Heart problems. To avoid political accusations the world has followed suit and got scared. The worst is socially yet to come. Massive unemployment and Bankruptcy. Massive unrest. One thing though, this has show how ill prepared almost all heath Services are for emergencies and respiratory Pathology. Confirms already existent WHO Statistics. If in Doubt Check it yourselves. and WHO Statistics as well as specific country stats. The Japanese have practiced the Use of MAsks to reduce contamination for decades. I rest my case.

By Jos Silva from Algarve on 05-07-2020 11:19

I am one of the genuine reader of " Portugal news" in English. This news paper is one of the most perfect & effective news paper in Portugal. Many thanks.

By ठाकुर प्रसाद गुरुङ from Algarve on 03-07-2020 01:13

clear as mud

By Marc Parent from Lisbon on 03-07-2020 10:28
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