The “Pagamento de Portagens” website has ena-bled drivers to avoid extra charges for late or unpaid tolls thanks to the system according to Margarida Cordeiro, who represents Via Verde Portugal that runs the system.
Cordeiro said that the site had only been up and running for six months but had already had around a million page views, with 85% from Portuguese IP addresses resulting in the settlement of 200,000 outstanding tolls being paid.
There are two main facets to the website; one catering for those who drove through the toll gate without paying and wish to do so retroactively and another for those who drove through the toll
gate without paying and had already been notified by letter of such an
In the latter case, the notification comes with a code enabling payment to be made with the system covering the bulk of Portugal’s highway toll roads, with Cordeiro adding that the website expected to cover all such tolls by the end of the year.
Drivers looking to save money on toll payments should be aware that payment via this online site in due time incurs a €2.21 administration charge in addition to the outstanding toll. Contrastingly should the tax authorities be involved in collecting the payment then the amount payable starts off at a minimum of €25.