Operation “Back to School 2019”

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Operation “Back to School 2019”

From today until the 20 September, the Republican National Guard (GNR) will carry out a series of sensitization actions directed to the various actors in the school environment, from teachers, students and guardians in all schools in their area of responsibility to provide safety advice and to help start the school year successfully.

During this period, the Criminal Prevention and Community Policing Sections (SPC) and the Territorial Station military will promote awareness actions in the fields of street, home and road safety, as traffic flows increase due to transporting students to school, and it is important to alert drivers to the use of seat belts and child restraint systems.

In addition to transmitting safety advice to parents, the GNR will also disclose the Safe School Programme and make the police responsible for the programme known in their school, with the distribution of the SPC contact number, thus contributing to raising the awareness of guardians about the importance of school safety for young pupils and to better prepare children and young people for the challenges they will encounter back at school, increasing the sense of security of the school community.

The GNR is responsible for about 5,000 educational establishments, where the police will promote these actions and transmit some security advice for young students that include: Avoiding walking in isolated or dimly lit places alone, the shortest route is not always the safest way, advising also to add the GNR number to one of the speed dial numbers in your phone.

The advice given to students for the use of the internet is to choose the content you publish well, to not show passwords to friends and change them regularly, to not believe everything seen on the internet and most importantly to speak up if something disturbing happens to you online.

The GNR also has advice for the parents of students namely to keep track of your child’s school and development routines and to immediately inform the GNR whenever you become aware of or suspect that your child or peers are being threatened or attacked.

So that students always get to school on time, GNR provides everyone with a School Schedule, which can be downloaded on this website: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XbhtNiewxaMj7ayrsoWYBLdYq39vLGJG/view

The school timetable has a space for the student to enter the name and contact of the SPC military officer who polices his school, who can be contacted whenever the student wants clarification or needs to report any occurrence, which guarantees greater proximity and contributes to enhancing the sense of security of children and young people.


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