Here at Boavista Golf & Spa, there is no forbidden fruit and the manicured gardens of the resort, which could possibly be likened to those in Eden, have no such draconian rules. The environs of the development have been thoughtfully created for everyone’s enjoyment and relaxation. With devotion on the part of the gardening, golf and estate management teams, the development that is Boavista Golf & Spa offers a little of heaven on earth. It is, indeed, a paradise found!
On entering the resort, there is an immediate sense that one has arrived somewhere special. A place that offers a promise of the good life. Order and serenity pervade as the main boulevard meanders its way past well-maintained residences; initially lined with tall swaying palms before changing to the indigenous species of the southern silky oak. A tour of the resort unfolds glimpses of the gently undulating 18-hole golf course, around which stylish homes have been carefully designed and strategically constructed.
Every aspect of a life on Boavista Golf & Spa has been considered, deliberated, and planned. Twenty-one years ago,
the terrain that now hosts the resort was barren scrub land with just a ruin or two dotted around.
The transformation in such a short period is miraculous – born out by years of dedication, vision, and major investment on the part of The Emerson Group (Jones Homes Portugal). It is this continuity of management that has underpinned the resort and that gives our residents peace of mind that the status quo, despite uncertainty in the world, remains solid.
It has been said by many of Boavista’s homeowners that they are ‘living the dream’ and that they have found the Algarve’s ‘Eden’. To this end, the management of the company place great store in quality of build and the services provided, which they believe are intrinsic to the personal experiences of residents and visitors alike.
Visit any area of the resort and a warm welcome will be extended from the staff of the clubhouse restaurant where a choice of snacks and à la carte meals may be savoured to a veritable selection of pizzas made on the premises at La Bistro. Work out in the well-equipped gymnasium at Essential Spa, relax with a massage or pamper yourself with a beauty treatment.
For those who are naturally drawn to the benefits of a community or resort home or those who are now curious enough to investigate, an ambitious build programme of luxury two-bedroom apartments, three and four-bedroom villas, many of which have private swimming pools and glorious views over the golf course and bay of Lagos, await occupation.
Find your corner of paradise here at Boavista Golf & Spa by contacting the sales team at