Portugal and USA sign memorandum to boost Portuguese teaching

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The North American State of Utah signed a memorandum of understanding with the Portuguese institute Camões to provide “a global increasingly of the Portuguese language” to its students.

In a press release sent to Lusa News Agency, Camões – Cooperation and Language Institute said that the memorandum was signed between this organisation and the Utah State School Board. The objective of the agreement is “the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture in the USA”.

In the state of Utah, approximately 60,000 school students learn foreign languages, due to bilingual immersion programmes, of which more than 2,600 learn the Portuguese language, at different levels of proficiency, in about 18 schools of school management.

Camões welcomed the signing of this memorandum, calling it “an unmistakable sign of the growing interest in learning Portuguese in the United States of America”.


must be the mormons they’ve been sending kid missionaries to Portugal for years now. Those sneeky...

By franck from USA on 27-12-2020 06:36

I want to learn the Portuguese language. I am planning a group tour next October. The focus will be the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Jewish Inquisition. I am excited

By Yvonne Moore from USA on 25-10-2020 09:40

We need more people to come teach portuguese language in Portland, Oregon and all the USA. cities for sure?

By Jose M Garcia from USA on 25-10-2020 04:45

We need people to teach portuguese' in Portland, Oregon' and all the USA cities for sure?

By Jose M Garcia from USA on 25-10-2020 04:42

As a Brazilian Portuguese mother tongue, and multilanguage person, I really appreciate that Portuguese Language is going to be taught in the US to bilingual students.

By Dinoilma from UK on 25-10-2020 03:31

I'm Brazilian and,
My language is Portugues (of Brazil ) I'm Proud about that.

By Mengys Ferreira from Other on 24-10-2020 09:08

This is more of The Portugal News' characteristically sloppy reporting and lazy editing. Consider changing the headline to match the content of the story: an agreement between Portugal and "the North American State [sic] of Utah" is not the same thing as an agreement between Portugal and the USA.

By Ben from Lisbon on 24-10-2020 02:48
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