In his speech Costa also advised Chinese investors to contact officials of large groups such as Fosun and Haitong, to find out about what it is like to have a presence in Portugal.
“Like Shanghai, Portugal has a long-standing tradition of being open to the world and it is a member of the European Union. So, investing in Portugal, having a visa to enter or live in Portugal is the same as investing, exporting or living in the European Union. Therefore Portugal can be an excellent gateway to the European Union,” he said.
Costa noted the policy of “openness” Portugal has had in issuing so-called golden visas to Chinese citizens.
“We have seen significant growth in the number of Chinese citizens residing or investing in Portugal. We are not just a country focused on large companies, but on all the small and medium-sized companies that want to invest in the country. We are also focusing on anyone who wants to study in the country,” Costa said.
Costa focused on opportunities available in the automotive, textile, footwear, agro-food and tourism sectors.