Portugal with fewest new-builds in Europe

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Portugal has been listed as the country with the fewest newly built homes.

According to a new study, that assessed 19 European countries, Portugal has an annual average of 1.5 new homes per thousand residents, four times fewer that of Finland, Austria or Switzerland.

The study found that the slower rate of building in Portugal was due to stricter environmental rules, and a shortage of labour and space on which to build.


I'm so glad to hear this at they are not like in California where we just keep taking the best farm land in the world and build, build sprawl even if the average joe can't buy cause investors will smart

By Frank coelho from USA on 20-02-2020 01:36

I live near Figueira. Lots of building here.

By Elle from Other on 19-02-2020 05:09

Which Study is this quoted from? Would be interested in looking at the list.

By DonegalArt from Algarve on 19-02-2020 11:16

I would like to know the research you mentioned.

By Jutta from Lisbon on 19-02-2020 10:28

is a good news foreigner become input a very huge average in those last years because strength population very heavy forner enter into Portugal.

By Aurangzeb Bari from Other on 19-02-2020 05:52

I am a Bangladeshi now I work in Croatia I want a Portugal work permit visa. How make it possible please tell me.

By Nuruzzaman Khan from Other on 18-02-2020 10:17

And do not forget planning permissions. A mountain of paper work, slow and just badly burocrátic. Not helping or supporting the trade.

By r d burckhardt from Algarve on 18-02-2020 08:18

Tanks called the Portuguese government realize how much houses shortage at the moment in the cities.

By Syed ghayyor Ahmed from Other on 18-02-2020 08:07


By Muhammad Anwar from Other on 18-02-2020 07:49

I dispute the findings if this study! Perhaps the study was done only in Lisbon ? There are villages and towns especially in the North where local councils would support anyone who wanted to build a house. In addition I have been offered dozens of building plots throughout Portugal at reasonable prices . Is someone making this all up to justify the insane rise in Lisbon property prices?

By Alex Cameron from UK on 18-02-2020 07:12

That shouldn't be a problem as far has I know there were +- five homes for every citizen of Portugal in 2013 with a shrinking population and vast inland towns virtually deserted ,why build new refurbish old homes ,and reduce the human footprint,open land should be reforested ,that is how u go green,that's what we all want isn't it? Go small to go big have a vision and goal ,don't just walk around in the dark,and face the hard facts. Reduce your footprint now so there is a future for your children.

By Joao Carlos Bastos from Other on 18-02-2020 06:26
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