From this summer water-touch bungee will be available to the general public at Albufeira Marina.
It is being brought for the first time ever to Portugal courtesy of Carlos Mosca Dionisio who holds the unusual record for a condom bungee jump, after jumping 30-metres using 18,500 condoms tied together.
“It was quite a feat; it took four months to make the cord and I got latex poisoning”, he tells The Portugal News.
In collaboration with the Marina of Albufeira, veteran jumper Carlos is establishing what will be one of only five water-touch bungee jump sites in the world. The Albufeira jump site will also be the only water-touch Jump Site in a marina on Earth.
“Each jump is done using a mathematical calculation taking into account the weight, size and shape of each person, and whether they want to touch the water with their fingertips, the top of their head, or go in up to their waist. Or if they want to touch it at all,” he explains, adding: “Because it is such an involved process that is why there are only five in the world.”
Despite having been born in Lisbon, Carlos has never lived in Portugal.
He recently arrived in the Marina de Albufeira after sailing in from the Red Sea, Egypt, in a 33ft Cutter. Carlos sailed the second half of the Mediterranean from Malta single-handedly.
The dare-devil has lived aboard the sailing yacht Lady Arlet, named after his mother, since 2009.
He set sail from Dover, UK, on 19 October 2009 and sailed across the Mediterranean, arriving in Ashkelon, Israel, on 28 January 2010.
Carlos was trained in Water-Touch bungee in Greece by New Zealander Phil McDonald, who is considered by many as the ‘father’ of the adrenalin-fuelled activity.
He was also responsible for debuting mainstream bungee jumping in Portugal, having brought a 50-metre crane to the Faro Bike Meet in 1999.
The Albufeira Marina Water-Touch bungee is expected to be up and running by July/August, and will remain open throughout summer until October.
For more information, see:, or call: 964 496 501.