“Last year, Portuguese car producers had a record year. We joined the club of major car producers. This year the prospects are for growth and the companies, all of them, have projects for the future,” said Pedro Siza Vieira.
The Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition, noted
that Portuguese companies
“are not only concerned with this year and the next, they are already thinking about the investments they have to make now for the future of mobility “.
“And we continue to work to support them [to entrepreneurs and companies] in this endeavour. We continue to seek to guarantee the conditions that allow companies that, not only at the tip of Europe, are mainly in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean, can relate with the world and the markets they want to export to”, said the official.
Pedro Siza Vieira listed as fundamental measures for the success of this sector, “to continue to invest in the qualification of human resources”, as well as, he added, “to continue to bet on the connection between the scientific and technological system and the industrial fabric”.
“We have to create the best conditions for context costs, infrastructures and connection to the world”, concluded the Minister of Economy.