Pedro Geada did not want to indicate the investment value of the new facilities in Lisbon inaugurated this month, which took a year to be prepared, saying only that the group wants to strengthen the operation in Portugal, where 230 people currently work, with another 170 employees.

“By the end of 2021 there will be 400 people in Portugal, all in the areas of technology and engineering. We make technology for millions of customers, systems that serve 50,000 customers in a single second and need to be very solid, never fail and therefore we need top professionals in Portugal,” the manager said.

Sky’s technology centre in Portugal was formally inaugurated in Portugal at the end of 2015 and most of its employees are Portuguese.
Foreigners include Brazilians and, in the future, more workers are expected to come from Brazil, where Sky’s operation in Portugal has established partnerships with recruitment agencies.

“There is more competition at the moment, we were amazed. Four years ago we were almost alone in terms of large-scale systems and very attractive projects, such as the Sky project that serves 20 million customers. Nowadays, many companies have come [to Portugal], with interesting projects and business models and this has attracted more people, there is more competition, but we are well positioned”, he said.

At the inauguration of Sky’s new facilities, next to the Entrecampos train station, the executive president of the Sky group, Jeremy Darroch, and the Minister of Economy, Siza Vieira, who considered that this investment in Portugal proves the “talent of people”, not only in terms of their work.

“When companies like Sky choose to locate to Portugal to serve millions of people all over the world, what they say is that in Portugal they do well. It improves the country’s image in the world”, said Siza Vieira.

Sky’s operation in Portugal develops technological solutions for the group, from the applications that consumers use to the platforms that support them, such as online transmission services, to other technological support projects for the group’s business areas.

Sky is a media and entertainment company, with several television channels and other services, with 24 million customers in seven countries and 31,000 employees, according to official information.