Stadler and CP signed a contract for the acquisition of 10 electric railcars (“UME”) and 12 bimodal units (“UMB”) which also includes maintenance service for a minimum period of 4 years. This contract, which will make it possible to renew CP’s regional train fleet, is part of the Portuguese operator’s rolling stock renewal plan.

To be able to circulate on non-electrified lines, the FLIRT UMB has a power module, or “Power Car”, which houses a diesel-electric traction system. It is designed to ensure an easy conversion in the future from bimodal to electric railcars, as well as to allow diesel engines to be replaced or supplemented with batteries, depending on the needs of the operator.

FLIRT railcars, thanks to their modular concept, allow optimising of their interior configuration to offer a convenient, accessible, connected, efficient and environmentally friendly transport. Stadler placed a special emphasis on optimising vehicle accessibility, allowing unobstructed access from platforms with different heights to all passengers, including those with reduced mobility. It is also possible to have vending machines onboard to offer greater comfort to the passenger.

Ansgar Brockmeyer, Executive Vice President of Commercial and Marketing at Stadler Group, said: “We are very proud that FLIRTs have been selected to renew the regional train fleet. I am sure that Portuguese users will appreciate the state-of-the-art railway technology incorporated in these vehicles, as millions of people in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, among other countries, already do. The Portuguese market is extremely important for Stadler and we intend to contribute to the revitalisation of the national railway industry”.