This is an extension of an existing route, which has been operating weekly between 15 January and 28 April, to now include the summer period, with 29 more flights scheduled between 8 May and the end of October, the Tourism Association (ATA) source told Lusa.

Flights operated by the Canadian airline Air Transat depart from Toronto on Tuesday during the winter period, and in the summer operate on Friday with return from Faro on the same day.

In a statement, ATA states that this is an asset to the Algarve and “the result of the promotional efforts that Turismo do Algarve and Turismo de Portugal have been making in the Canadian market and Faro Airport”, noting that in Toronto there are connecting flights to Vancouver and Montreal, which “allows you to extend the breadth and reach of this route”.

The Association adds that the potential of this market and route has led it to participate in numerous destination promotion actions in Canada and has developed several marketing campaigns, in partnership with Air Transat and tour operator Transat Vacances, to publicise the region.
The new route will ensure 11 frequencies with an Airbus A330 and 18 frequencies with the new Airbus A321LR, “which was one of the deciding factors that made it possible to extend the connection,” says ATA.

Canada is one of the growing markets in the Algarve, having registered in 2018 a 25.7 percent increase in the number of guests and a 20.3 percent increase in overnight stays (reaching a total of 254,000 overnight stays).

This year, the numbers are still positive, and it is possible to show, until August, a growth of 12.3 percent in the number of guests and 12.5 percent in the number of overnight stays (totalling approximately 214,000 overnight stays).

ATA points out that during their visit to the Algarve, Canadian tourists tend to “stay for long periods”, which is why this market has begun to gain increased relevance, significantly contributing to “mitigating the seasonality of tourism in the region”.