São Jacinto is surrounded by water. On one side there is the river, on the other side the sea.

On the way there, you drive with the river side next to you: Ria de Aveiro. The name reveals that Aveiro is not far from here. You can go from to this city by boat or vice versa.

For miles, this still water keeps us company. It almost gives you a numb feeling in your ears when you look at it. Still life with occasional birds. When we almost arrive, colourful boats are welcoming us.

It´s that we are invited here to meet friends, otherwise we would not have discovered the beauty of this place. Where you don't expect it, you sometimes find surprises. And that also applies to São Jacinto. You can forget a big, vibrance centre here. Before you know it, you drive out of this place and you miss a must see!

The nice thing is that locals always know the best places. Our friends take us on a journey to such a spot.

We park at the protected nature reserve: 'Reserve Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto'.

This is the starting point for a lovely walk in the quiet, unspoilt nature. This walk takes us to the sea in about 40 minutes; the other 'wet side' of São Jacinto.

We walk through an area full of pine trees, acacias and lots of other green nature. Meanwhile we are guided by the sun bums shining through, the sound of birds and some rustling here and there. There is a viewpoint where you can spot special birds and where you must keep your mouth shut. Here too I experience a kind of numbness in my ears: that one of silence while nature speaks.

At some point we arrive at a wooden walkway that leads us to the sea. This path gives beautiful views of the sand dunes and the water. Once we arrive, we observe this up close. The white of the dunes seems extra lit by the sun and the sea seems to adapt to the silence of the beach. Because this is a protected nature reserve, we cannot stay on the beach. This also means that we look out on an unexplored area where humankind is not in charge. The sunset makes the picture even more beautiful and tells us that it´s time to return before it gets completely dark.

We hardly encounter people. This reserve demands attention for what it shows you and reflects on what nature offers you.

Do you want to experience -when the damn virus is finally gone- what it is like to be away from noise and bustle in your life? Then look for nature and if possible, the nature of São Jacinto! Don't forget to be quiet and listen to what nature tells you.