The companies are LFAS - Lease Fly Aviation Services SA, Binter Canárias SA and Aero Vip - Companhia de Transporte e Serviços Aéreos SA.
The proposals will now be analysed and subjected to a preliminary report, and the process will be led by the Government, at the Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure, through the Secretary of State for Infrastructures.
The concession, according to the Diário da República official bulletin of 3 March, 2017, will be for a period of three years, and worth about €5.6 million.
On 8 May 2017, the Government extended the provision of air services between the two islands of the Madeira archipelago to Aerovip for an additional year.
As of 31 December, 2013, SATA no longer offered this route, claiming that the compensatory payment was “manifestly insufficient,” and the airline was later replaced by Aerovip, the company that was granted the three-year concession on the route, which ended on 31 May, 2017.