Congress also wants the report to include estimates of the cost of expanding band width to 56 gigabits a second and the cost of connecting the existing infrastructures to future submarine cables.
The politicians also want to know why the base is only for unaccompanied soldiers and how much it would cost to alter this rule so soldiers based there could once again be accompanied by their families.
The budget prohibits any of next year’s funds from being used to build a military base in Croughton, in the UK, which was originally supposed to be set up on the island of Terceira.
The Pentagon has already drawn up a report about the capacity of the Lajes base to house this military centre, and concluded it did not have the capacity, but the credibility of the study has been questioned by Luso-American congressman, Devin Nunes.
Apart from these demands, congress made an assessment of the Lajes base and said it “helped US missions in Europe, Africa and the Atlantic” and that the facilities reflected significant long-term investments that the defence department has not totally used.