Missionary Jill Kinsey takes us on a journey into the heart of Africa, capturing the very beat of life in post war-torn Mozambique. She delves into the lives of orphans left traumatised, alone and in abject proverty. The backdrop is Inhaminga and through Jill we experience village life - the simplicity, the lack of basic resources and the evils and horrors of witchcraft. Jill identifies herself as a black woman in a white body and her portrayal of local people and customs soon makes it clear why the book is entitled ‘Africa hears with her eyes’. She understands and empathises with these precious people.
They are precious in God’s sight and Jill constantly focusses on how she survived her mission through prayer and the wisdom God provided. Many are called, but few are chosen. Jill was both called and chosen for the job in hand. Jill willingly shares her gift of wisdom with those of us who live in the privileged part of this world.
But behind all this, Jill has another, un-saintly, story to tell through her courage in introducing the reader to her sullied past. Each chapter ends with a snippet from her former life of disgrace and unforgiveable mistakes. Through these honest confessions, we learn how God changes people, forgiving them through His work at the cross and teaching them His most important lesson – how to love!
This book gives an insight into the life of a wild young wife and mother. We read how God turned Jill’s life around and how He used her to change the lives of thousands of people in a distant land, fearlessly overcoming the wiles of the evil one through prayer.
Africa Hears with Her Eyes is available from Amazon in Paperback (£9.39) and Kindle (£3.13). Also available if you subsribe to Kindle Unlimited. You can also borrow this book free of charge on Kindle.