20 tonne dead whale washes ashore

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The causes of the animal’s death are unknown

Authorities have removed a dead whale that washed up on the shores of the Almagreira beach in Peniche. The animal in question was about sixteen metres long and weighed approximately 20 tons.

According to Marisa Ferreira, biologist, the whale might have been sick or suffered a ‘traumatic event, such as a collision with a ship or being accidentally caught in fishing activities’.

Ferreira claims that there have been other cases of animals washing up all along the coast, with a dolphin also being removed today from a beach in the Leiria District.


Plastic pollution is a major cause of whale deaths. Most of these marine mammals, if not all, have swallowed plastic. It is almost impossible for them not to do so and many autopsies have revealed plastic bags and other rubbish inside the dead animals. I am a singer-songwriter and in my song Where Does All The Plastic Go? I sing: "It's not hunting that will kill the last whale, plastic will do and it's a very sad tale."

By Steve Andrews from Lisbon on 08-07-2019 11:09
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