Portimão and Faro above Covid-19 red line

By TPN/Lusa, in Algarve · 12-11-2020 09:06:00 · 4 Comments

Portimão and Faro have revealed their respective number of new Covid-19 cases have risen well above the existing red-line imposed by the government.

This could now mean that these two councils could see more restrictive measures imposed under the current state of emergency. Currently, São Brás de Alportel is the only council the Algarve considered as a high-risk area. The government is expected to review the current list of cities affected later today.

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Let's make you Marco to agent 008 and send you to preach in Sweden. They do not use masks outside hospital settings. They are not going to go extinct, actually they lag behind this autumn virus surge (repeating itself every year). I just wonder whether there is a "survival of the fittest" contest in between the viruses? It is getting worse everywhere, and people beyond their lifetime expentancy may actually die (as it happens every fall +20% to 30% in comparison to summer) . Even a few younger ones, this is super infectious and selectively destructive a decease. If masks were the cure or prevention, swedes would be gone by now.
It is not double ou eight, it is quadruple zero. The agent.

By Jr from Algarve on 13-11-2020 11:07

Thank you.

By Marco from Algarve on 13-11-2020 12:40

so you guys do not post useful informations or suggestions from residents....just change your job....you shouldn't be called journalists.

By Marco from Algarve on 12-11-2020 11:35

I live in Portimao, here even the police do not use masks....they should be the one that lead by example so people may use masks too....
I think is a problem of selfishness. People do not wear a mask because they do not like it...THAT'S THE PROBLEM. They prefer taking a risk for themselves and others instead of helping each other just wearing a mask and stay away from each other.
More we do it now, earlier we get out of this.

By Marco from Algarve on 12-11-2020 10:04
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