The core of ‘The Couscous Chronicles’ is about the authors Peace Corps experience in Morocco in 1977.

Richard Wallace had just graduated from college. Armed with his film production degree. He decided he wanted to travel. He joined the Peace corps as a volunteer and joined the annual deployment of trainees to Rabat (Morocco’s capital city). He learned French, some Arabic and about the Islamic culture.

His job was in the media team for the Ministry of Agriculture, producing training films and printed materials for farmers.

Part of his job was to grasp the Moroccan way of life. Along the way we get to read about relationships he forms with his female roommate, co-workers and other visitors. These interactions prove to be amusing and educational.

Wallace visited many small towns which allowed him to understand his new home better. The sights and flavours of Morocco jump off the page as we follow Wallace along his adventures.
He kept a diary from that period and personal papers which has allowed him to remember in detail his experiences. He also includes the thoughts from other volunteers as well. This adds an interesting layer to this book.

This is the first book I have read where you get to understand what happens behind the scenes as a volunteer.

I found this book easy to read and his stories kept me entertained. I would recommend this book to those who love to travel and also if you are interested in the peace corps.