Portugal's English-speakers among best in world

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Portugal has climbed to seventh in the latest list of the most proficient English-speakers in the world.

The country is among those that have improved most since the last ranking, rising five places from 12th to finish ahead of Germany, Belgium and Singapore. Spain is placed just ahead of China and is among the moderately proficient countries. Among cities, Porto tops the list of English-speakers, followed by Coimbra, Braga and Lisbon. Overall, the Netherlands once again tops the list, followed by Denmark and Finland.

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My previous comment was not meant to include UnServiceable English :- " Hey you guys gotta talk right now like Limeys on a daily basis ".
Roberto Cavaleiro of Tomar in the land of Other

By Roberto Cavaleiro from Other on 25-11-2020 10:09

Portugal is ahead of Britain in the enunciation and construction of correctly spoken and written English language.
RKC - Tomar in the land of Other.

By Roberto Cavaleiro from Other on 23-11-2020 11:07

This article is not correct telling Portuguese are among the best English speaking in the world. Sweden is number one, the Netherlands number two, followed by Singapore, Norway and Denmark. //Peter

By Peter from Algarve on 22-11-2020 07:47

This article and the ranking is far from reality. India is the largest English speaking country in the world and as of Africa it is the same major part of the population speak english, If it is in proportion to the population then definitely there could be a difference. The Middle East (GCC) has every bureaucratic documention available in Arabic and English and are very proficient in speaking English as a second language. Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong again have every other document and service available in English. Been living in Portugal for 2 years and I can tell you for 1 and half year people were reluctant to speak in English however of late since the past 6-8 months every service addresses concerns in English except for social security. Now I am not saying English is the most important language which everyone must know and must speak like a native but the truth in this article and ranking is far from reality and shouldn't likewise be published. English must be a difficult language for Portuguese since the grammar rules are completely different and how many ever Portuguese people speak English it is quite a big deal yet I wouldn't agree it is 7th in the world for speaking proficient English.

By Adeline Texeira from Lisbon on 21-11-2020 02:07

Sure, they do not even try

By Marco from Algarve on 21-11-2020 12:06
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