If you have dentures that are loose, uncomfortable to wear, especially when chewing foods, Flexident Algarve can offer you the solution. T-Val, is the solution.
What is T-Val?
A flexible resin, that is translucent, so virtually invisible in the mouth.
It is flexible and you can bend the denture and it springs back to its normal shape and does not distort.The retentive clips are made in this gum coloured material, which embrace the natural tooth, closest to the denture tooth.
Conventional dentures are made in acrylic or plastic,which are rigid and can break. They also require unsightly metal clasps for retention, and the metal is visible when smiling. Chrome or stainless palates are also visible, rigid and more bulky than flexible dentures.
• T-Val dentures are guaranteed unbreakable.
• They take between 7-10 days to complete.
• No metal and allergy free.
• Completely natural looking to restore your smile.
• Designed and constructed in-house to your specific requirements.
We also offer a full denture service, again to your specific requirements.
Full dentures using the best materials, award-winning teeth and your specific requirements. Full dentures, a blank canvas, to produce dentures that look like natural teeth, and not teeth that look false.
We also offer a repair service within 2 hours for breakable plastic dentures as part of our continually improving services we offer to denture wearers.
• We are the complete solution.
• We are the specialists in dentures.
• We offer a punctual, friendly, warm service to all our clients.
• We are very competitively priced.
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