According to a note from the Lisbon City Council, of the 107 applications submitted, 40 corresponded to properties that were previously registered as rental accommodation for tourists (AL).

Also according to the municipality, property applications were submitted "in all areas of the city", but the parishes with the highest number of houses were Santa Maria Maior, Santo António and Penha de França.

The division by typology was as follows: nine T0 properties, 37 T1 properties, 44 T2 properties, 24 T3 properties, eight T4 properties and one T5 property.

"Applications for the Safe Income Programme will be open throughout the year 2021, from 2 January, with the same financial conditions and the continuation of the same tax regime with total exemption from IRS/IRC and IMI", is also mentioned in the note.

With regard to the Affordable Income programme, the municipality states that the 4th tender will be open on 21 December, with 50 flats rented by the Lisbon City Council to private owners in the Renda Segura.

Through Renda Segura, the Lisbon City Hall intends to rent houses to private owners and sublet them in the Affordable Rental Income Programme, in which the contracts have to be for a period of five years or more.